CHEONIX designs and manufactures walk-by, AMR, AMI, Smart City systems.  



Hardware, mechanical, firmware, software designers develops systems and products in the field of metering and telemetry. Internal company capabilities allow to offer to end-users customized projects aimed at recovering and enhancing previous investments and new systems to adapt to specific needs.


Cheonix manages the production "Made in Europe" according to the volumes: from 100 pcs at hundreds of thousands of units per year, directly controlling the quality and cost of its products.

Training and installation support

Internal technicians and "qualified" service centers provides installation services and maintenance of its systems ("turnkey"), and support and training for customers who act autonomously ("do it myself")

Data management

Through the portal MDM, Cheonix manages, for own account or for their customers, data and applications arising from metering and telemetry.






CHEONIX was born in 2012 as a division of Info Solution SpA, a company specializing in the design of electronic systems in areas with high technological content such as aerospace, defense, telecommunications, medical devices, robotics and electronics and high growth sectors such as electronics appliances, home automation, IoT.

Info Solution Spa, founded in 1998 and currently offers 3 operating locations and more than 100 people, working with leading research institutes and universities Italian: Politecnico di Milano, Milano Bicocca University, University of Genoa, La Sapienza University of Rome, the Institute National Astro-Physics INAF-IFSI Rome.

In addition, Info Solution Spa, over the years, has developed several lines of products for home automation, smart metering, unmanned vehicle (AGV, UGV, AUV), home telemedicine, identification and tracking (RFID), which markets with dedicated brands:

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The term Cheonix was used in ancient Rome for measuring the volume of liquid. In fact represents 2/3 sesteri, about 36 cl.