Cheonix designed a concentrator/gateway with DMLS/COSEM protocol to read and manage residential smart gas meters G4 / G6.


How it works

Smart gas meters communicate, in bidirectional way, to Cheonix concentrator/gateway with radio at 169 MHz and DLMS/COSEM protocol.

Concentrator/gateway then communicates with Central Software via GPRS connection.

With a single equipment of "neighborhood" will then manage the data for a large number of metes, up to 2000.

The peculiarities of the system Cheonix

CONFORMITY - The system complies with the Italian UNI CIG 11291 (DMLS/COSEM on WMBUS), so compatible and open to all compliant systems

FLEXIBILITY - The system is designed to handle even other utilities (water, heat, but also a waste tomorrow, etc., all SMART CITY services)

EFFICIENCY - The concentrator has a very high reading ability in terms of the number of counters, so the total investment can be reduced

Why 169 MHz radio ?

SIMPLICITY - fast and immediate management of a single SIM card for each concentrator that reads up to 2000 meters

ECONOMY - management costs due to the consumption of a single user of telephone traffic

RELIABILITY - With the radio technology 169 MHz no danger of interruption of service for telephone network overload



(internal power supply)

Mini Case

(external power supply)

More details in product catalog

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