Radio Network Planning

The production of 169 MHz and LoRa networks imply a design based on:

  • Creation of a territorial model based on urban typology (urban, rural, mixed) in which there are main obstacles of 169 MHz communication, including vegetation, with high or medium resolution 3D maps
  • Collection and input of data input: PDR position and gateway characteristics
  • Software that is able to determine diffraction leak, crossing, multiple paths and data tuning considering various conditions
  • Data test through measurement of detected radio powers in the area
  • Network optimization

3 NB Iot planet



Configuration and installation

When the optimal and usable zone and the number and appropriate type

of antennas for every area are detected,  the configuration and installation of

gateways and antennas shall be made.




add new gateway




Commissioning and network optimization

trafic management



Once gateways are installed and configured  the PDR enrollment phase,

key management, coverage test, tuning and network testing can be started.







Network management and maintenance

During the exercise, traffic balancing is performed on the various gateways, and the preventive and corrective maintenance in case of malfunctions.

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