Cheonix, through the parent company Info Solution SpA, owns a transversal technical know-how very useful for Smart City, with the goal of using technology to create efficiency and new services through the implementation of electronic systems. Cheonix / Info Solution also feature a number of IP immediately employable in Smart City applications.

This cross-fertilization among sectors supplies innovative technological solutions and new applications, allowing the supervision of technologies (risk management), facilitates the involvement of relevant actors from different sectors, reduces the input investments thanks to synergies.

Applications and systems already used and / or tested by Cheonix / Info Solution:

  • Smart metering gas, smart metering water, cathodic protection, pressure readings, etc.
  • Energy efficiency (ESCO operators, energy managers, property managers)
  • Home automation (managing domestic systems), Home Automation 2.0, IoT on furniture
  • Telemedicine and integrated home care.
  • Transport, monitoring, tracking health products (RFID technology)
  • Homeland Security and autonomous patrolling the area (LGV)
  • Environmental monitoring and geophysical infrastructure for energy transport
  • Autonomous and semi-autonomous electric vehicles, pedal mobility HighTech
  • Public lighting

Other applications can be integrated to the Smart City:

  • Collection and waste management;
  • Parking;
  • Public transport;
  • Traffic management;
  • Etc.


The technologies and paradigms enabled for smart city applications, already used by Cheonix / Info Solution:

  • Wireless sensor networks with radio 169 MHz and WMBUS protocol or and WMBUS + DLMS/COSEM protocol
  • Wireless sensor networks with radio 868 MHz and WMBUS protocol or customized protocol (optimized)
  • ZigBee Mesh Networks 
  • Wireless sensor networks with WiFi and MQTT protocol or customized protocols
  • Ultra-low power device (extreme low power) with radio capabilities
  • SigFox radio (laboratory experiments)
  • ETH with TCP and UDP protocols (WFC, REST, JSON, XML, etc.)
  • Cloud and BigData for MDM (metering data management) and telemedicine, analytics, cybersecurity
  • IoT
  • RFID & NFC
  • MEMS sensors
  • Machine Learning, DSS, People detection, autonomous guide, assisted guide, environmental artificial perception

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